I have always wondered why classical music has such a poor reputation among most people under the age of 50. Sure it does not have any of the relevant lyrics that more modern music does. Nor does it have the same anger or frustration that is so prevalent in todays youth oriented music. But does have one thing that very few modern artist or musicians  can even attempt to replicate, Gravitas. Whether it was written as a ballad or a tribute, all classical music has a weight and a dignity that, in my no where near humble opinion, nothing currently produced can even attempt to match. Nothing has the same power to relax and to inspire as a well played piece of music from the ancient masters. ‘Für Elise’ by Beethoven must be among the most calming pieces of music ever written by man. Where as Wagners ‘Die Walkure’ is possibly the most well known piece of inspirational music ever put down on paper, or played by an orchestra. So what I am going to do now is sit back, open a book, and listen to Barbers masterpiece ‘An Adagio for Strings’ and simply enjoy the rest of the night.