So riddle me this dear friends: Why do sports have to be safe or fair? Couldn’t we have some form of racing that has no rules beyond ‘get around the track’ and possibly ‘no weapons’, even though that last rule does sound kind of boring. Now that would be something to watch. Cars flying around the track at breakneck speeds with lots of crashes, and probably many deaths and injuries. I firmly believe that there wouldn’t be a problem finding drivers despite the dangers involved, and since they would be well aware of what they where getting in to why should we hold them back from pushing the envelope on what humans can achieve? Same thing with American style football. Surely the game would be more entertaining if there where no rules regarding what is and is not allowed beyond ‘don’t kick him if he is down and the referee is watching. Yet again this would result in far more injuries and fatalities. But also a hell of a lot more fun to watch.